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Writing your thoughts down has long been a method for individuals to help deal with stress. Military members have the most stressful job in the world and it is important that we do not ignore those signs within us. Sharing your story may not help heal all the pain we have inside but it helps you know that your story is out there and not bottled up inside. It is also important to educate the public on what life is like in combat. The media reports what they want you to hear. This is your chance to educate the public on what life is really like in combat and to let them know what you have done for our great country. Not all stories have to be about getting shot at. We want to hear your funny stories and what you do to fight the boredom. The story can be as long or short as you want...we just want to help you get your voice heard!

Sharing your story is easy. Just click here to contact us and we will email you. (Check your spam filter and allow emails from After we respond to your inquiry, you can just send us an email with your story. You don't even need to type up a fancy word document if you don't want to. Just write it in an email. We will edit the story for you with your approval and publish it. Remember, if you share your story, you get a free Real Combat life t-shirt.

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